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Dr. Amy Muise 

Amy Muise, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology department at York University, Toronto. Dr. Muise’s research focuses on understanding how couples can maintain happier relationships and more successfully navigate challenges in their relationships. In her research, she applies social psychological theories of close relationships and motivation to understand the factors that enhance and detract from satisfaction, desire, and closeness in relationships

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Dr. Rhonda Balzarini

Dr. Rhonda Balzarini is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University. Dr. Balzarini is a social psychologist studying the interpersonal processes that enhance and detract from the quality of romantic and sexual relationships. Her recent research focuses on how diverse couples can have satisfying and passionate relationships and successfully navigate challenges through diversifying need fulfillment, engaging in novel and exciting activities, and being responsive during times of conflict or distress.

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Chantelle Ivanski 

Chantelle is a doctoral student in social and personality area and the Mar Lab at York University. Chantelle’s research focuses broadly on the experiences of women. Her work specifically focuses on gender inequality, sex positivity, and parenting. 

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Alyssa Di Bartolomeo


Alyssa is an undergraduate student in the Specialized Honours Psychology Program at York University and the Lab Manager of the SHaRe Lab. Alyssa will be applying to clinical psychology graduate programs to begin her Masters in September of 2021. Alyssa’s research interests pertain to treating and understanding life-threatening behaviour as well as, examining the role of intimate relationships for the treatment of severe mental illnesses.

Research Assistants Helping with CovidTogether: Jenney Zhu, Veronica Benyamin, Adriana Bouwmeester, Hannah Irvine, Hanieh Naeimi, Nicole Shantz, Deborah Mammah, Laura Baron, Maria Bater, Cassidy Fletcher, Nora McKellar, Cara Arsenault, Cristina Radic, Marley Leslie, Karen Rofaeel, Prabhdeep Mann 

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