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Covid Together

A study on how couples are coping with COVID19 together

Couple in a Kitchen

Please note, we are currently not recruiting any more participants for this study. Thank you for your interest. 

If you'd like to be contacted about future relationship studies please email us at

We are living in a challenging time, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting people and communities across the world. For many, this is a difficult and stressful period. While close personal relationships can be a great resource in these trying times, the challenges faced can also put relationships under strain. Supportive relationships are linked with greater well-being and can act as a buffer to even life’s biggest stressors, however, outside stressors can put pressure on even the most supportive and high-quality relationships, leading to more challenging relationship dynamics. This study will provide insight into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on how couples connect, relate, and cope together.

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